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aller aux échelles et vont automatiquement à la balance

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Go to the scales and automatically go to the scales

écailleur électrique commercial

The scale machine is divided into automatic and semi-automatic. The so-called automatic fish scale machine is to use some modern technology to directly remove the fish scale under the action of electric power. It does not need manual manual treatment, and the removal process will not harm the fish body. This machine is now Very popular in the restaurant industry.

With the continuous development of the economic level, the rise of the catering industry is an inevitable development trend. People who cook at home are not as good at eating outside restaurants, because they don't have to spend time buying food, washing vegetables, cooking, and then eating without bowling, and they don't have to work hard to practice their cooking. How can you do it in one fell swoop?

As far as eating fish is concerned, Xiaobian is most afraid of killing fish and scraping fish scales. It is extremely troublesome to handle and it always feels astringent. It is convenient to go to the restaurant and order a fish. However, according to Xiaobian, the general restaurants on the market now use the scales to scrape the scales. This saves time and does not have to worry about the scales being cleaned.

écailleur machine

écailleur machine écailleur automatique l'outil des poissons écailleur électrique commercial

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